Dojo Rules


  • Always be respectful and support fellow students.

  • No foul language inside of the Academy.

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your reserved class. 

  •  Inappropriate language, and bullying peers or Instructors is NOT allowed.  

  • Always wear shoes or sandals when you leave the mat.

  • All students and visitors must wear a clean uniform and rash guard.

  • Shoes, food, drinks, & electronics are not allowed on the mat.

  • Remove jewelry, piercings, & necklaces during training and store all personal belongings neatly in your cubby. 

  • Keep feet and hands clean.  Keep fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.

  • If you are sick, please do not attend class.  Provide staff advanced notice and we will gladly reschedule your missed class.



  • Bow before entering the mat, and before leaving the mat and greet the professor or instructor with a handshake when entering the mat for the first time.

  • Address black belt instructors as Professor and non-black belt instructors as Coach.

  • Acknowledge your Professor and Instructors – bow and shake their hands.

  • During instruction, students must sit or stand in good posture.

  • Talking should be kept to a minimum and should relate to the class subject.

  • Do not leave the mat without permission from the Professor or Coach.

  • If you are late, wait off the mat until the Professor gives you permission to join.

  • All training gear and bags should be left in the changing area during class.



  • Students are expected to follow the instruction of Professors and Coaches.  If they do not, Instructors will:

  • Issue a verbal warning to stop behaving in an inappropriate way;

  • Issue a timeout on the training area.  Student must sit alone quietly and will not be allowed to participate for a brief amount of time until the Instructor invites them to rejoin the class;

  • Issue a timeout off the training area.  Student must remove their gi jacket and sit quietly off the mat until the Instructor invites them to rejoin the class.



  • We encourage parents to allow their children to learn in a distraction-free environment by not staying inside the mat area during their child’s class. 

  • No coaching your children or other students during class.